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My Privacy Cleaner Pro 3.0

Clean up unnecessary files and keep your computer running secure
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My Privacy Cleaner Pro is a program that is designed to clean up unnecessary files and keep your computer running efficiently and secure. Like other programs designed to optimize the performance and security of Windows, My Privacy Cleaner Pro works by scanning your computer and reporting any potential threats that it has found. It scans the following areas: Windows system files, Internet files, chat history from programs like Skype and Yahoo, and frequently or recently used software.

Once the automatic scan is completed, you will be taken to a menu that shows all potential threats detected, as well as the disk space that will be freed up upon deletion. If you are looking for a program that is easy to use and can enhance your system’s security, My Privacy Cleaner Pro can be a choice. Its shred feature rewrites binary information on the items before deleting them, which means that your shredded files are impossible to recover.

Furthermore, the program’s ID protection tab has a number of functions available to ensure that your computer and Internet activity is safe and secure. You can scan your computer for any personal information, like bank details and credit card information; store files in a secure and encrypted file; manage your passwords in an encrypted list; write secure notes that are encrypted.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Several tools to remove traces of online activity
  • ID protection tool
  • Includes a file shredder


  • Trial does not allow you to remove threats
  • The automatic scan is rather intrusive
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